What we do


We believe the best decisions are made together by the people who will be affected.

But making decisions as a team, organisation or community can be daunting.

So we help groups to chart a simple path through complex decision making situations.

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We work with groups on:

Workshop Facilitation

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Graphic Recording and Scribing


How we go about it

Our work is guided by these principles



Your context is complex and there’s likely a lot at play already. You need simplicity in design not more theory and complexity. We strive for the most simple and pragmatic approaches to complex discussions and decision making. Because when there’s less process in the way, the good stuff comes out.


This is a tough one. We understand that we’re often asked to work with groups for our independence and neutrality whilst also expected to draw upon our experience of the sectors we work within. We’re astutely aware of this balance and will always work with you to find the sweet spot.



Your group are the absolute brains trust and should be treated as so. We’re not about pontification, endless PowerPoints or hierarchies. Our approach is about everyone participating as much and as effectively as they can in the discussions and decisions at hand.


Your group is unique and so is your situation. This deserves a considered and tailored approach, not something out of the box or off the shelf. Sure, we bring our experience into the mix but we approach every initiative as unique and tailor from our design from there.

What we’ve done lately

What we’ve been up to in 2019

  • Facilitation mentoring with beginner facilitators at the Water Corporation of WA

  • Policy workshop with the Medicines and Poisons Branch of the DoH

  • Three days of intensive graphic recording with Anglo American and Xynteo for a Future Smart Mining open forum

  • Strategic and Operational Planning with the ORIGINS project through Telethon Kids Institute and Ramsay Healthcare

  • Facilitation of the WA Clinical Senate on complex youth transitions

  • Visual consulting with Genetic Services of WA as part of a strategic planning process

  • Property management planning with Indigenous owned cattle stations in the Kimberley and Pilbara

  • Development of a Kimberley Volunteering Strategy with the four Local Government Authorities in the region to support and empower local volunteering groups

  • Pro bono strategic planning with the newly established Prostate Cancer HELP Association Inc to set them up as a practical and valued member organisation

  • Graphic facilitation and sketchnoting with Legal Aid WA for their R U Legal program aimed at educating young people on key legal issues

  • Facilitation of the NT Clinical Senate focused on ‘Healthy Mums and Babies’

  • Forum facilitation with over 150 participants at the WA Mental Health Network Open Day to gain stakeholder feedback and input

  • Strategic planning with the Shire of Gingin to review their Strategic Community Plan

  • Workshop facilitation with the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative

  • Project visioning and planning with the Kimberley Indigenous Saltwater Advisory Group for Migratory Species (Turtle) project across the Kimberley

  • Community consultation with the Shire of Carnarvon on the Quobba Blowholes Strategy

  • Workshop Facilitation with National Newborn Bloodspot Screening program committee


Who we’ve worked with

We’re grateful to have worked with a range of groups in over 1,700 workshops.


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