Our workshop facilitators have over 30+ years and 1,650 workshops experience between them

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Bevan has been facilitating with groups and teams for 25+ years

He started life on a sheep farm, leaving to study agriculture and psychology

He is an inveterate collector of firewood and often spends Saturdays scouring verge collections for unloved jarrah rafters

He was introduced to facilitation in 1990 and this participatory discipline has been the foundation of his work from that time.

Since then he has worked across diverse sectors including health, agriculture, environment, education, local Government, corporate, Indigenous, and community

In 2011, Bevan travelled to North America to qualify as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), through the International Association of Facilitators.

Bevan brings recognised and acknowledged facilitation expertise to Tuna Blue.

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Will has been facilitating with groups and teams for 10 years

His facilitation skills are complimented by degree in
Digital Communications and Anthropology

He most enjoys cross cultural facilitation, having worked with over 40 Indigenous Corporations to build their governance and business skills.

He’s also built digital technologies into his workshops to bring Tuna Blue up to a level of ‘real time reporting’ recently

Will recently completed an intensive Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Will has zen-like patience honed over 20 years as a tragic supporter of the Fremantle Dockers football team

We work with a great team of support staff and associates

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Office Manager

Lorraine has been with Tuna Blue for 20+ years and manages the office and business operations.

She also provides logistics and desktop support on projects.

Lorraine has travelled and worked worldwide and brings extensive experience and a steady hand to projects.

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Associate Videographer

Rhys heads up Tiny Film Co and works with Tuna Blue to capture the stories and outcomes within our projects.

Working with Rhys allows us to boost your engagement value by providing you with timely web-ready videos to promote your event or project.

Rhys has worked to capture stories ranging from sheep producers to environmental activists and everything in between.

We juggle the following four workshop elements when designing your tailored workshop approach to pull together something pragmatic and energising


The right amount of information, presentations and keynotes to get everyone on the same playing field.

Classic Risk

Too many presentations back to back dominate the agenda


Appropriate opportunities for individuals and the wider group to ‘make sense’ of the information and current situation

Classic Risk

No time dedicated to allowing individuals to develop personal insight – either during presentations or workshops

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.55.34 pm.png


Opportunities for people to build the networks, buy-in and commitment necessary to deliver the outputs (the ‘it felt right’ factor)

Classic Risk

Too much output focus leaves you with a great product afterwards but no-one committed or clear on the next steps


Structured sessions designed to gain clear consensus on key questions or directions

Classic Risk

Too many focus questions proposed starts to pre—engineer potential responses (think anything starting with ‘do you think…’)


We're big believers in helping groups to make strategic decisions and then assisting them to get on with it.

So we understand that you can really lose momentum in the critical time between the workshop and getting the report from the day.

That's why our workshop facilitators use cutting-edge software like GroupMap to provide workshop participants with iPads to input, collaborate, evaluate and decide on key issues and directions in a transparent and engaging manner.

iPads used to capture and ideas in workshops in real time

iPads used to capture and ideas in workshops in real time

And with small group work happening in real time in our workshops, it means we can really ramp up the quality and turnaround time of our reporting by turning your outcomes into animated presentations or infographics.


Front page of an infographic report from a recent project.

Front page of an infographic report from a recent project.

So yeah, with minimal downtime between workshop and action... you can have your cake and eat it too.

Graphic Facilitation & Recording to foster and capture the creativity within your group

Will capturing an often mentioned character in workshops during 2016

Will capturing an often mentioned character in workshops during 2016

A close up image conveying a 'slowing economy'

A close up image conveying a 'slowing economy'

Graphic facilitation and recording is a great way to capture the creative ideas and trends that manifest within a workshop.

Graphic recording often works really well for content heavy or conceptual style workshops such as leadership development or high level strategy days.

Tuna Blue can incorporate graphic recording into your next event, whether it be as a value add to our own workshop facilitation service or as a support scribe role for your own in-house facilitation.

You provide the space, the people and the ideas and we'll make sure to capture them in glorious colour, humour and inuendo!

Will putting the finishing touches on a big piece

Will putting the finishing touches on a big piece

Here's a video from a recent community engagement process we ran with the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River in 2016-17.

The challenge was to work with a diverse 30+ person Community Reference Group over multiple sessions to develop a comprehensive Vision and Strategic Roadmap for the region, as part of the Shire's Strategic Community Plan review process.

We delivered a series of six workshops with the Shire and community reference group that and we're really proud of it.