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We believe the best decisions are made together by the people who will be affected.

But making decisions as a team, organisation or community can be daunting.

So we help groups to chart a simple path through complex decision making situations.


We’re happy to manage all the complex moving parts of people making decisions together - we call this the ‘process’

Which allows you to focus fully on the ideas, the insights and the decisions - we call this the ‘content’

And that’s ‘facilitation’ in a nutshell.


But our facilitation approach is a little different

We call our approach Long Haul Facilitation.

We've done the miles, we know the best routes and we're ready to help your group set up for the long haul. 


Here’s why our Long Haul Facilitation approach is different.

We understand that your workshop, forum or conference is just one small, but super critical, step in your strategic journey as a group or team.

So we work with you to integrate that critical step with the rest of your world by:



We’ll always meet for a face-to-face briefing (where physically possible) to understand your story, the work you’ve done to date, your expectations for the workshop and to co-design a bespoke approach.

Our workshops are never done in isolation of your context and we’ll always work with you to build on work already available.



We understand what it takes and costs to pull a group together, every minute is precious. So we’ll always look to incorporate the simplest, frictionless methodology and digital technology to help your group get the outcomes you’re after.

Our workshops are about respecting the rare time you’ve all got together by getting to work on robust discussions, robust learnings and robust decisions.



We know the most critical period is the time between leaving a workshop on a high note and getting to report. Nothing kills momentum like waiting on reports. So we provide options beyond the utilitarian workshop report such as infographics, posters and videos.

Our approach recognises that all the hard work done in the workshop is often just the start and that telling the story to the people outside the room is just as critical.

Here are some of the types of work we do

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Workshop & MEETING Facilitation

Supporting the group to all get on the same page, make sense of a situation, generate ideas and possibilities and build consensus on a way forward.

Think situations like…

  • Board level strategic thinking and scenario analysis

  • Executive level strategic planning and analysis

  • Team level business, operational and project planning

  • Project or community based action planning

  • Multi stakeholder planning

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Community & STAKEHOLDER Engagement

Bringing together people or organisations with diverse views and energies to address assumptions, explore ideas and seek common ground and empathy on the future.

Think situations like…

  • Complex multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives

  • Peak body or alliance level forums and planning

  • Multi-staged strategic planning with members

  • Issue specific community consultation forums

  • Project specific community consultation and Governmental reviews

  • Consultative planning processes

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Graphic Recording & VIDEOGRAPHY

Helping to turn your ideas, discussions and concepts from meetings and workshops into simple but powerful visual tools.

Think situations like…

  • A large visual mural to capture the themes and insights from your conference or symposium presenters

  • A visual journey map of your blue sky or leadership workshop

  • Digitally rendered story maps to illustrate your vision, concept or project

  • Event videos that capture the key messages and energy of your workshops and consultation sessions

  • Attendee, member or consumer video diary / vox pop clips to bring a human edge to your day

Our approach is built on


Road tested facilitation IN OVER 1,650 WORKSHOPS

Our workshop facilitators have tested, refined and perfected our facilitation processes in over 1,650 diverse workshops... from remote communities to ASX boardrooms.


innovative technologies AND FRAMEWORKS

We bring game changing digital workshop facilitation and reporting tools into the mix to help our groups save time, make sense and have fun.



Strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, community consultation... groupthink, big blues and tough decisions... we've seen it all

We work across a range of sectors including Corporate, Health, Local Government, Primary Industries, Indigenous, Higher Education, Utilities and Conservation