Workshop facilitation initiatives or challenges we often help groups with


Board level strategic thinking and scenario analysis

Executive level strategic planning and analysis

Team level business, operational and project planning

Project or community based action planning



Issue specific community consultation forums

Project specific community consultation

Consultative planning processes


Stakeholder Engagement

Complex multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives

Peak body or alliance level forums and planning

Multi-staged strategic planning with members




Basic facilitation skills training

Facilitation masterclasses (eg dealing with conflict)

Coordination of structured mentoring programs

Indigenous group governance and business training


Workshop Facilitators



Partner / Workshop Facilitator

Bevan has been facilitating with groups and teams for 25+ years

  • He started life on a sheep farm, leaving to study agriculture and psychology
  • He is an inveterate collector of firewood and often spends Saturdays scouring verge collections for unloved jarrah rafters
  • He was introduced to facilitation in 1990 and this participatory discipline has been the foundation of his work from that time.
  • Since then he has worked across diverse sectors including health, agriculture, environment, education, local Government, corporate, Indigenous, and community
  • In 2011, Bevan travelled to North America to qualify as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), through the International Association of Facilitators.
  • Bevan brings recognised and acknowledged facilitation expertise to Tuna Blue.


Partner / Workshop Facilitator

Will has been facilitating with groups and teams for 10 years

  • His facilitation skills are complimented by degree in
    Digital Communications and Anthropology
  • He most enjoys cross cultural facilitation, having worked with over 40 Indigenous Corporations to build their governance and business skills.
  • Will would much prefer to hold his workshops in the surf, so if you’re feeling adventurous... get in touch
  • He’s also built digital technologies into his workshops to bring Tuna Blue up to a level of ‘real time reporting’ recently
  • Will recently completed an intensive Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Will has zen-like patience honed over 20 years as a tragic supporter of the Fremantle Dockers football team
  • Will brings a Gen Y edge to Tuna Blue’s facilitation

The Team

We work with a great team of support staff and associates

DSC06673 web.jpg


Office Manager 

Lorraine has been with Tuna Blue for 20+ years and manages the office and business operations.

She also provides logistics and desktop support on projects.

Lorraine has travelled and worked worldwide and brings extensive experience and a steady hand to projects.



Rhys Jones Tuna Blue.jpg


Associate Videographer

Rhys works with Tuna Blue to capture the stories and outcomes within our projects.

Working with Rhys allows us to boost your engagement value by providing you with timely web-ready videos to promote your event or project.

Rhys has worked to capture stories ranging from sheep producers to environmental activists and everything in between.


Our Long Haul Approach


We understand that 'strategic planning' can often be a euphemism for all sorts of planning processes and intentions... we're not precious.

What we are serious about is working with you to select and adapt the best approach for your group's situation.

We've got a whole 'strategic planning' toolbox to suit different needs from pragmatic action focused planning for small groups or committees to deep dive strategic thinking for mature organisations and boards.


We're cognisant of the following dichotomy... everyone seems to want more engagement and transparency of decisions but we all seem to have less time to hold or attend meetings.

No worries. We're experts at helping communities, stakeholders and groups get to the heart of the issues and challenges they're facing in tight timeframes.

We understand you've got to get it right the first time... so we help you to.


Working with groups to think strategically, gain consensus and make decisions can be tough work. We understand that more than most.

Sometimes what you need is a bit of perspective and a few extra tools in the box.

We help groups and individuals build their 'practitioner' skills to facilitate and consult effectively... not the fluffy stuff but the tricks of the trade to give you confidence. It's cool, we've got your back.