Case Study - NAILSMA (Most Significant Change Evaluation)

This case study takes a look at a most significant change evaluation process we delivered via 60+ on-country interviews in remote locations across 3 states in North Australia

The Client

North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance (NAILSMA)

The Project

Most Significant Change Evaluation (MSC) of the I-Tracker Initiative

The Service We Offered

Qualitative Evaluation, Stakeholder Engagement and Workshop Design & Facilitation

The Background

The NAILSMA I-Tracker team assists Indigenous Land and Sea Managers in Northern Australia to better monitor their country using Cybertracker software. Essentially, the team equips, trains and supports Ranger teams to use handheld computers with visual software to monitor their local environment and collect valuable scientific data.

The Challenge

The I-Tracker team required a consultant to independently evaluate the effectiveness of their initiative in a manner that not only satisfied the Federal Government funders and but also gained invaluable input and buy-in from the Rangers on the ground. The evaluation method they chose was the MSC process. The challenge was to use this qualitative, interview based method with over 25 Ranger groups, across a vast area including WA, NT and QLD, in a culturally sensitive and engaging manner.

The Solution

We worked closely with the I-Tracker team to develop an engagement strategy that allowed us to gain input from all Ranger groups. We did this by incorporating interviews into existing NAILSMA events, visiting remote communities and conducting phone interviews and Internet surveys. Our participative approach ensured the I-Tracker team were onside and our experience in Indigenous facilitation made the on country interviews a success.

The Results

In a 2 month period, we independently interviewed over 60 Rangers, Traditional Owners and other stakeholders. From these interviews, we collected 180 most significant change stories which were considered by an Expert Selection Panel at a facilitated workshop in Darwin.

The result? A Most Significant Change Report illustrating the effectiveness of the I-Tracker initiative and an engaged group of stakeholders.

The Feedback

Project Manager:

“Thanks to you both for a job well done. I greatly appreciate your professionalism in getting a challenging project completed on time and so competently.””