Case Study - WA Mental Health Commission (Community Consultation)

This is a snapshot of how we worked with the Mental Health Commission to deliver a huge statewide consultation schedule that met the needs of diverse stakeholders whilst still collecting a wealth of data along the way.

Below is a video that we also provided as a summary of the consultation process

The Client

Mental Health Commission and Drug & Alcohol Office, Western Australia

The Project

Consultation for the Draft Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs Services Plan (2015-2025)

The Service We Offered

Process Design, Workshop Facilitation, Smartphone Technology for Instant Input, Same Day Reporting, Videography & Infographics

The Background

For many consumers and service providers, the draft Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs Services Plan (2015-2025) has been a long time coming. So, after an extensive modelling exercise to quantify the service provision needs in the sector, the Mental Health Commission and the Drug & Alcohol Office needed an inclusive but robust consultation process to seek feedback on the draft Plan from stakeholders.

The Challenge

The clients wanted a process that could seek comments on local issues, gather consensus on priority actions in the Plan and identify any amendments. Plus the process needed to be replicable over 18 metro and regional workshops and avoid lengthy reporting periods.

The Solution

We designed a process consisting of 3 hour workshops, whereby participants responded to key focus questions via iPads. This allowed us to capture a wealth of focused data on the Plan whilst key sessions were held with the Commissioner responding to the unadulterated comments, concerns and recommendations. Participants also provided individual comments on A3 templated feedback sheets. At the end of each workshop, we collated the major consensus points and presented them back to participants in a graphic story report on Prezi. A key step in the workshop process was to allow participants to vent issues within 2 mins of the workshop starting – this got a lot of the concerns on the table early, allowed the Commissioner to flexibly address them in his presentation and meant later sessions could be highly focused – all in a tight 3 hour timeframe.

The Results

18 workshops with 672 participants providing focused, meaningful input to the refinement of the Plan and not a single piece of butchers paper was used. A hierarchy of reporting was used with a brief Executive Report compiled documenting the entire process, graphic Communications Reports after each workshop and a more detailed Outcomes Report including the individual A3 sheet comments at the conclusion. In addition, consultation videos and infographics were supplied.