Case Study - Kimberley Regional Collaborative Group (Forum Facilitation)

This is an example of how we use focused facilitation processes, digital technologies and real time reporting to build participation into forums with tight timeslots.

The Client

Kimberley Zone of Local Governments

The Project

Northern Australian Joint Roundtable for Kimberley, Pilbara and Northern Territory Local Governments

The Service We Offered

Roundtable MC and Facilitation, Instant Smartphone Input & Same Day Reporting

The Background

Local Government representatives from across the Kimberley, Pilbara and Northern Territory attended a 3 day Roundtable to discuss common issues and priorities for their communities and identify shared initiatives to bring more connectivity and information sharing to Northern Australian Local Government.

The Challenge

With a packed 3 day schedule of high profile guest speakers and over 50 Local Government Elected Representatives and CEO’s in attendance, there was a clear need to capture the thinking and discussion from the Roundtable. And with only 1 hour in the agenda each day to do so, the client needed a no-frills process that would keep the participants focused and moving towards commitment throughout the Roundtable.

The Solution

We designed extra spaces in the agenda for participants to suggest possible ‘shared initiatives’ after each chunk of guest presenters. At the conclusion of each day, the most common initiatives were presented back to the wider group. We replicated this over 3 days and found the necessary space in the tight agenda to keep refining and prioritising the shared initiatives to form the basis for a quick and effective action planning session at the conclusion of the Roundtable whereby participants reached agreement on ‘first steps’ for a number of key initiatives.

The Results

We did this all without butchers paper (using iPads) and managed to reach solid outcomes in 4 hours of cumulative ‘workshop’ time. Piece of cake.