Case Study - Indigenous Land Corporation (Governance Training)

Here's an example of how we deliver governance and business training in Indigenous settings - with a real focus on flexibility and real world applications to meet cross cultural challenges.

The Client

The Indigenous Land Corporation

The Project

Governance Training for ILC Managed Cattle Properties in the Northern Territory

The Service We Offered

Governance Training and Capacity Building

The Background

The Indigenous Land Corporation works in partnership with a number of Traditional Land Owners in the NT to manage and build businesses on the cattle stations on their lands. To ensure good governance and appropriate community feedback, each group has formed a Cattle Committee to voice concerns and discuss direction on the stations.

The Challenge

The ILC required governance training for the Cattle Committees that would give them the knowledge, tools and experience to take the next step towards managing the stations independently. This capacity building needed to be delivered in a culturally appropriate and pragmatic format. In addition, the ILC required on-country trialling of improvements to their training tool Cattle Boss (a board game developed specifically to teach business management skills to Indigenous pastoralists).

The Solution

We developed a pragmatic training program that focused on building capacity around two practical aspects – the governance concepts raised at different stages of Cattle Boss and the practical real life examples and issues raised by participants about their own station. This training was complimented with illustrated training manuals, specifically designed for work with Indigenous trainees.

The Results

The Cattle Committee and particularly the young station staff and trainees have built their confidence in understanding and discussing governance and business management documents including Profit / Loss Statements and Management Contracts. Most importantly, the participants have identified the types of roles they would like to play in managing the station in the future and are continuing to work with the ILC to further those pathways.