Case Study - North East Farming Futures (Farm Energy Project)

Here's an example of how we built participation and extra value into a pilot project focused on building energy efficiency knowledge in farming communities.

The Client

North East Farming Futures (NEFF)

The Project

The Farm Energy Project Pilot

The Service We Offered

Project design and delivery, flexible workshop design and facilitation and project management.

The Background

The Farm Energy Project is part of a national pilot under the Energy Efficiencies Information Grant (EEIG). The Project aims to provide Western Australian farmers with practical information and tools to reduce energy use and costs in their enterprises across a range of agricultural industries.

The Challenge

NEFF won the funding grant and oversaw the overall project. They contracted a number of universities to undertake the core research and develop the tools. The challenge? How to design, manage and deliver the information in a participative and engaging manner to farmers across Western Australia.

The Solution

We liaised with both NEFF and the universities to develop a multifaceted approach that included face-to-face workshops and online learning. We delivered eleven 3hr facilitated workshops with farmers that involved information delivery, situational learning and action planning. We also created an online learning program accompanied by informational videos and expert forums. Throughout the delivery stage, we fine-tuned the materials and workshop processes to ensure the Project was providing maximum value to farmers.

The Results

A piloted Project with robust learning materials that not only engage participants and deliver information in a non-traditional manner but also provide them with practical next steps. A group of engaged farmers with the basic understanding and energy efficiency literacy to further investigate strategies for their enterprises.

The Feedback

Feedback from workshops:

“Really interactive day”.

“I like the workbook, this is the first time I am going away from a workshop thinking I will read the book in more detail; I took more than 5 new ideas away”.

“Often hear all the information but it’s great to have the method to apply it”.

“Informal discussions between participants and facilitators are great”.

“Inspired to get into action”.

“Life changing – the little things add up and have an effect”.