Case Study - Edith Cowan University (School of Business & Law Planning)

The Team reviewing their progress

The Team reviewing their progress

The Challenge

The School of Business & Law Executive Team had a lot of inputs, frameworks and competing pressures feeding into their strategic planning process and only a single day to kick start most of their thinking and discussions as a group.

Our Solution

We helped the Team to design and deliver a single day where we could all

  • Review the School's progress in 2016,
  • Align the School with the high level University direction,
  • Strategically scan the operating environment,
  • Develop a specific mission statement and an agreed on a set of corresponding strategic objectives.

The key was to conduct short bursts of small group work around key focus question as a way to identify strategic 'sighters' in the complexity and then spend considerable time after lunch almost 'triangulating' the School's position and strategic imperatives. 

The Results

Following their hard work at the one-day workshop, the School Executive Team was presented with a first cut Draft Strategic Plan. This was followed by a brief follow-up session with Tuna Blue to reflect, tuck in any loose ends and plan operationalisation with staff.