Case Study - Southern VROC (Strategic Planning)

Here's a case study of a project we delivered where our Long Haul Facilitation approach helped the group to yield an output in the form of a Strategic Plan and a great outcome in terms of practically collaborating on projects.

The Client

4 Local Government Authorities (Kojonup, Broomehill-Tambellup, Cranbrook, Plantagenet)

The Project

Strategic Planning for the Southern Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils (VROC)

The Service We Offered

Process Design, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Team Building and Problem Solving

The Background

The Southern VROC had a previous Plan that combined a number of project proposals in an advantageous funding environment. With the funding environment tightening, the necessity to find efficiencies and savings between the 4 LGA’s became paramount.

The Challenge

The constitutional make-up of the Southern VROC is 2 Elected Representatives from each of the 4 LGA’s, which then feeds back to their individual Councils. The client needed a participative process that would not only develop a common strategic plan for the VROC but also gain buy-in and commitment with the individual LGA’s.

The Solution

We designed an multi stage engagement process that included an initial briefing with the CEO’s, a full Council meeting for each of the 4 LGA’s to participatively involve them in the process (and ensure no surprises back to Council) and a full VROC workshop with CEOs and key managers present to discuss the sharing of practical resources and getting buy-in. The LGA Officers were able to demonstrate their willingness to work together in front of the Elected Members. A major element of this team building also focused on identifying early wins to build a good track record for the VROC.

The Results

The Plan received the unanimous support from each of the 4 Councils without any amendments and by the time it was passed, the 4 LGA’s had already begun implementation. The group showed a great example for wider Local Government process improvement across the State.